Introduction to Rainbow Smoke

My name is Jozsef Fejes, I am a computer programmer.

All the images on this site have been created by a computer algorithm that I made for a contest.

Every image contains all the 16.777.216 colors of the 24-bit RGB color space exactly once.

The images are grown randomly, pixel by pixel, color by color. Countless different designs are possible.

See it in action (you should change to HD setting):


2014.05.04. My original blog post, where I introduced the algorithm, has been featured in the May 2014 issue of the Hacker Monthly magazine. >>

2014.04.21. A new series has been uploaded with painting-like patterns, named Watercolor. >>

2014.04.08. A very interesting series has been uploaded, called Long branches. >>

2014.04.06. The technology article has been published, along with a demonstration video. >>

2014.04.05. The Mosaic series has been added. >>

2014.04.01. The original series that had been generated with the very first algorithm has been uploaded, plus two new series with the new algorithm have been added: Falling leaves and Random colors. >>

2014.03.30. The site has been launched, but far from complete yet.